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Reza I. Gharakhani is a trial lawyer who maintains a complex litigation practice focusing on matters involving corporate governance, fiduciary duties and unfair business practice claims. He has successfully represented clients in partnership disputes and dissolutions, shareholder representative litigation, derivative litigation, and shareholder class actions, obtaining over $10 million in settlements and awards on behalf of his clients. In addition to corporate governance and shareholder matters, Reza handles breach of contract, employment, intellectual property and insurance related cases for his clients. He has won cases both at the pleading stage and through jury verdicts in both state and federal courts in California and Hawaii. Reza also helps his clients avoid litigation by implementing preventative measures and business practices to minimize litigation risks. Reza is currently a member of California Lawyer’s Association’s Business Law Section’s Standing Committee and was a former Chair of the Partnership and LLC Standing Committee.




Areas of Focus

Client Testimonials

I have retained Reza on three separate occasions in the past ten years. Reza has gone above and beyond for my cases. Reza is well versed and extremely knowledgeable when it comes to the law. He is strategic, razor-sharp and aggressive. I always know I can count on him and his excellent staff. — Ziren C.


I am so glad I made the decision to hire Reza. He was always available to answer my questions and I received regular updates as to the status of my case. Within months, Reza was able to settle my case for the policy limits and I couldn’t be any happier with the settlement I received.  I would one-hundred percent recommend Reza to anyone in need of an attorney. —  Gerson P.


Words cannot explain how grateful I am to have had Reza as my attorney during such a difficult time. Reza is very well versed in the law, intelligent and aggressive. Reza will keep you informed every step of the way as he always kept me fully updated on the status of my case and provided me with quick responses whenever I had a question or concern. It was a great, almost enjoyable experience despite the seriousness of my legal issues. I highly recommend Reza and consider him the best of the best. — Hilma B.


Reza is an outstanding lawyer. Reza and his team worked hard and had a rebuttal for every argument that the opposing attorneys made. Reza did his homework, which allowed him to be very strategic and meticulous in handling my case. I am extremely satisfied with Reza and I would recommend Reza to anyone that needs an aggressive defense attorney. — Patrick C.


Reza Gharakhani produces tangible results and great outcomes for his clients. He is aggressive, efficient, creative and logical. Reza Gharakhani has exceeded all of my expectations in handling several matters our company. — Lauren M.


Attorney Reza Gharakhani successfully defended me recently in a lawsuit. His professionalism and attention to detail created a positive environment to conduct business. I was promptly informed about each step in the case and Reza Gharakhani excelled at clearing and communicating the steps he would use to defend the case. A legal win is always sweeter when handled with the ease and professionalism demonstrated by an attorney such as Reza Gharakhani. His personality is a tremendous asset. — Michael A.


Every legal issue Reza Gharakhani has ever worked on for my company has been resolved in a fast and effective way, always to our advantage. He has been able to handle every legal issue we threw at him. I would highly recommend him. — Richard A.


I can think of no lawyer I would recommend more highly than Reza Gharakhani. For matters having to do with litigation of any kind, there is no one better. In matters of judgment, he is again at the top of the list. — Henry O.


Reza is bright, articulate, and a wonderful attorney. He always provided timely updates. He is knowledgeable about the law and provides his clients with the highest quality legal services. I highly recommend him. — Muneer A.


I would highly recommend Reza Gharakhani. He is extraordinarily well versed in many areas of business law to include corporate governance. His responsiveness was outstanding, if not immediate. Reza is extremely personable and was able to explain the legal ramifications of my company’s circumstances in a manner that could be understood by a layperson. Further, he went above and beyond by explaining any next steps we should anticipate. I highly recommend Reza and intend to continue to utilize his services. — John T.


Reza Gharakhani took on my challenge without hesitation and completed everything that needed to be done in a timely manner. He kept me informed at all times and helped me decide on some things that I had no experience with. He goes above and beyond to help his clients, and makes time for every question no matter how big or small. I recommend him highly and cannot say enough good things about him. — Eiana O.


Reza filed a lawsuit on our behalf when my family’s commercial building was damaged as a result of the development of condominiums on an adjacent property. He was tenacious, professional, and handled our case in the most expeditious manner. His breadth and depth of knowledge in the law applicable to our case was impressive. Reza obtained an amazing settlement on our behalf. I recommend Reza and his firm without reservation. — Saro T.


I have known Reza for more than seven years. He is a highly efficient lawyer and trusted advisor to his clients. As a litigator that has handled multi-million dollar cases he has the experience to get results. I highly recommend Reza. — George A.


I would highly recommend Reza Gharakhani. He goes above and beyond the call of duty. He is trustworthy, skilled, aggressive, thoughtful and energetic. I felt very secure with a peace of mind during the entire process. I was always kept updated and well informed as to the status of my case. There is no going wrong with Reza. Trust in what he says and you will be happy with the outcome. — Arsine A.


Reza Gharakhani and his staff are awesome, and they helped me with all of my needs. Reza was very attentive to my case and did a great job that resulted in an outstanding settlement. I would recommend him if anyone is looking for a lawyer! — Chris S.


Reza Gharakhani is an outstanding lawyer. He carefully reviewed the facts of my lawsuit and kept me updated throughout the entire process so that I understood the actions he was going to take to help me win the case. To make a long story short, Reza won my case. I recommend Reza 100%! — Adonis J.


I would definitely recommend working with Reza Gharakhani. From our initial meeting I felt a great deal of confidence and trust in Reza. His most significant work with me was representing me in a large wage-hour suit. He worked closely with me for months. Reza won the trial ethically and professionally. I have enormous respect for Reza Gharakhani and I have never doubted his advice or counsel. He listens attentively and gains a clear understanding of every issue we have discussed. Based on his experience and knowledge, he is always concise in his practices and his responses to me have always been timely and thorough. I highly recommend Reza Gharakhani for legal counsel on employment matters. — Seyed H.


Reza is bright, articulate, and a wonderful attorney. He always provided timely updates. He is knowledgeable about the law and provides his clients with the highest quality legal services. I highly recommend him. — Angel C.


Representative Cases

  • Wang v. Dynamic Life Health Services, Inc. (Ventura County Superior Court) — After three years of litigation and a nine day jury trial, Rostow & Auster LLP obtains a defense verdict on behalf of its Client against claims of Whistleblower Retaliation, Wrongful Discharge in Violation of Public Policy and Work Environment Harassment.
  • Cyberset Corp. et. al. v. Bagramyan (Los Angeles Superior Court) — After three years of litigation, and a subsequent arbitration hearing before the American Arbitration Association, Rostow & Auster LLP successfully defends its Clients against claims of Fraud, Fraudulent Inducement to Enter Into Contract, Unfair and Deceptive Business Practices and Recession of Written Contract and, thereafter, obtains a Court Order awarding its Clients over $71,000 in attorneys’ fees and costs against Plaintiff.
  • Philpot v. World Public Library Association et. al., (U.S District Court, District of Hawaii) — Successfully defends Clients against claims of Copyright Infringement in U.S District Court, District of Hawaii.
  • Confidential v. Confidential (Los Angeles Superior Court) — The Court of Appeal of State of California, Second Appellate District, affirms the dismissal of all claims against Clients and awards Clients over $125,000 in attorneys’ fees and costs.
  • Evox Productions, LLC. V. Cyberset Corp. (U.S District Court, Central District of California) — Successfully defends Client against claims of Copyright Infringement.
  • Ameri v. Ameri (Los Angeles Superior Court) — Successfully defends Client at trial against all claims including Breach of Fiduciary Duty, Breach of Loyalty, Conversion and Negligence.
  • Confidential v. Confidential (Los Angeles Superior Court) — Obtains a dismissal of claims for Financial Abuse and Breach of Fiduciary Duty against Client.
  • Confidential v. Confidential (Los Angeles Superior Court) — Obtains a dismissal of claims for Financial Abuse and Breach of Fiduciary Duty against Client.
  • Confidential v. City (Los Angeles Superior Court) — Obtains settlements over $4,000,000 on behalf of Clients in a personal injury matter.


University of Southern California, Los Angeles


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Speaking Engagements

September 23, 2023 – Protecting or Piercing the Corporate Veil – California Lawyers
Association’s Annual Meeting.